What's in my PRO Makeup Kit?

Well it's been long enough since I've been away from YouTube, so I decided to make my return with a kit tour video. I'm posting my kit in 3 parts. The first one being my makeup kit tour, then my second will be a tour of my hair kit. While I specialize in makeup I also style hair and am currently a student at Toni and Guy. So I have some basic products that I take along with me in my hair kit for styling for photo shoots. Then the last video will be my 'set bag' that I have with me on all my shoots. I know there are so many makeup kit videos out there but I haven't seen many on hair and set so I'm excited to share those with everyone. 

If you have any questions about what's in my kit or what I use or where you can purchase anything, please let me know in a comment on my youtube video. Talk to you all soon!