Industry Chat with Plus Model Vanessa Martinez

I met Vanessa for a Society Plus clothing shoot at photographer Nichole Alex's home in San Pedro. At the time I had been doing the makeup and hair for their e-com for a while and on this particular day I was pretty exhausted. So I got my coffee, made the drive and set up the glam area. Though I'm always happy to see my clients, this particular instance was a little different. When Vanessa arrived she completely lit up the vibe in the room, her excitement in turn made us excited and would set the tone for an amazing shoot. One that I would soon discover was her first! Which after viewing the photos, you would not have known. As cliche as it is to say it, she was clearly a natural. 

Vanessa Martinez by J William Washington

That encounter was 6 short months ago and in that span of time Vanessa's career has grown tremendously. She recently signed with IPM Models who actually wanted her one month into her career. But she decided to hold off so she could gain more experience and develop herself as a model, and that's exactly what she did. Now she has brands such as Society Plus, Slink Jeans, Kloset Envy, Rainbeau Curves, just name a few, under her belt. 

Vanessa Martinez by J William Washington

She is one of my favorite canvases as far as makeup goes because she has beautiful skin, amazing brows and gorgeous eyes. Which is why I asked her to share a little bit about herself and her model secrets with you all in my first Industry Chat installment. You can find her social media links for more info and booking at the bottom of this post, now lets get into it! 

Q:How long have you been modeling? When did you decide that you wanted to be a model? Did you have support from your friends and family?

A:  I started Modeling back in December of 2015. The crazy thing is, I never dreamt of modeling. My plan was to be a probation officer and work with young girls in the camps to be sort of like a mentor or therapist. Focusing on young girls that had been abused in any way shape or form. I felt in my heart that I had a duty to instill self-love, and self worth to these abused young girls in the sytem. My family was shocked when I told them I was starting to model. They supported me but wanted me to continue my education and go onto Grad school. It all worked out because I still get to help young girls and women around the world just using a different platform.

Q: What is your favorite part about the glam process? 

A: My favorite part about the glam process on set has to be the whole process. I love seeing how makeup artist do my makeup(because I do not know how to, I’m super simple with my every day look) . I love when there is a natural connection with my glam team and there are positive vibes flowing, we have music playing and we are just having a good time. I mean what girl doesn’t love having their hair and makeup done?

Q: If you could work with one person in any industry, who would it be and why?

A: Industry people I would want to work with would have to be Ashley Graham in the modeling world and Beyonce in the music world. I absolutely love how Ashley Graham isn’t just a pretty face and a sexy body, but she takes the time to do events where she publicly talks about how important it is to love your body. I follow her on SnapChat and she is very involved as well in talking to girl who are in High School. That is so important. Afterall, girls need to see positive role models like that, it is so crucial to their self-love. Beyonce is a woman I have looked up to since I was in my early teen years. Her music has always touched my soul and helped me get through some of my lowest times. Now she is a smart business woman, activist for women and an overall bad-ass. She inspires me to be the best I can be in my craft. She reminds me that anything you want is possible as long as you work hard for it and don’t give up. 

Q: If you have to choose between having a personal makeup and hair stylist with you at all times or an infinite wardrobe, which would it be? 

A: If I had to choose a personal hair and makeup artist at all times or an infinite wardrobe, I woruld have to choose personal makeup and hair stylist. I love the “pampered” feeling I get when my hair and makeup look are being done. When a makeup artist/ hair stylist gets you all glammed up its an amazing feeling. I personally feel super gorgeous all done up and enjoy it 100%.

Q: What's one item in your model bag that's saved you?

A: One item in my model bag has to be lotion!!! I have very dry skin but especially my hands! Lotion is necessary, especially when you’re shooting dresses or skirts, you have to make sure your skin looks FLY always. 

Q: What advice would you give to any girls thinking about getting into the plus model industry?

A:Really think about modeling. Ask yourself are you ready to put in the work, time and effort? It is definitely not easy but if you love what you do then it isn’t really “work”. I would say chase our dreams and keep working toward your goals. Never give up and always believe in yourself 200%. 


All Photos by J William Washington

All Photos by J William Washington

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